How to Protect Pets During Harsh Winter Weather

How to Protect Pets During Harsh Winter Weather

While you bundle up and brace yourself for the cold, don’t forget that your pets are affected by wintry weather, too! Keep these tips in mind this winter:

Keep pets inside, if possible. If your pet has been spending a lot of time outside and has blisters or waxy, firm skin, take them to the vet, as these are signs of frostbite. It’s best to leave pets inside as much as you can.

Don’t cut your pet’s hair short in the wintertime. Hair is a pet’s best defense against the cold. If your pet has short hair, you may even want to consider investing in a cozy jacket.

Clean up antifreeze immediately. Antifreeze is extremely deadly to both dogs and cats, but it tastes sweet to them, so they love it. If your pet is acting strangely after being around your car, get them to the vet immediately.

Drop a few extra kibbles in your pet’s bowl. The body works harder to try and keep its temperature up when it’s cold out. As a result, your furry friend might be a little hungrier than usual. You can give them a little extra food, but make sure they always have access to enough clean water, too.

Do not leave your pet in the car. Cars can cool down extremely fast, and when they do, they trap cold air inside. If it’s too cold to leave pets outside, it’s too cold to leave them in the car.

If you need any help with your pet’s care this winter, call Pet Medical Center of Edmond at (405) 757-2132.