Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming & Cleaning

Did you know that the Pet Medical Center of Edmond, Oklahoma, offers basic pet baths and brush-outs as well as veterinary care?

Pet Bathing & Cleaning Services

We bathe your pet with a HYDROSURGE Bathing System, a unique tool that oxygenates the coat, getting water deep through the hair, thus ensuring a thorough bath. We complement the bath with a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland care. After a good brushing, your pet will go home with a bright, shiny coat. We offer pet baths Monday through Friday.

Comfort Clip – This service is reserved for those patients, such as felines, that must be sedated for pet grooming services. This entails stripping all of the hair off of your pet, from the back of the head to the start of the tail, including the legs. These types of cuts are generally performed during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

Bath & Tidy Plus – This service includes clipping up areas such as the paws and potty trail and clipping out mats when necessary.