October 2011 Pet of the Month: Percy


Percy the Pekingese “Perseus” Baay celebrated his first birthday this past June 26th.  I adopted him at the age of four months at the 500+ rescue animal adoption event held at the Petsmart at Memorial and Penn last October.  At that time Percy had short hair, a lion-cut, with the head and ruff left long.  I just saw this cute ball of white fur.  The rescuer took him out of the cage, put him in my arms, after which he proceeded to kiss me profusely.  I was smitten!  Percy keeps my 5 year old beagle, Betsy, my adoptee from the Edmond animal shelter of two years ago, company.  In the evenings, he loves to have his long fur combed, watches TV and romps with his toys.  As a teacher, I do relish the calm, relaxing and welcoming company the two pups provide.  It is wonderful to be greeted with both the baying of the beagle and the soprano yip of the Peke.  We all keep each other calm and welcoming of each other’s company.