Going on vacation this summer?

Is your pet going with you?
No matter where you’ll be this summer, there will be health hazards threatening your pet. Prepare for a fun (and safe!) trip with your pet with these safety tips.

Prevent overheating and burning. It’s hard for our pets to cool off, and overheating can lead to heat stroke and other serious health complications. Always provide your pet with plenty of fresh water, and never leave your pet alone in a car on a warm day. Also, beware hot pavement, as it can burn paws!

Check for ticks. Tick preventive medications significantly lower your pet’s risk of getting the diseases ticks pass along. We recommend Bravecto, as it protects against ticks and fleas effectively for 12 weeks.

Keep tackle boxes locked up. Those shiny lures don’t just attract fish! Every year, we see a few pets that have gotten into fishing tackle and swallowed hooks. Always keep all tackle in cases that can be sealed.

Is your pet staying home?
Your cats and dogs can stay with us while you’re away! Our comfortable boarding facilities are perfect for pets that need a home away from home while you’re resting on vacation.

Please note that all boarding pets must have current vaccines. Read about our requirements here.

Our boarding spaces fill up quickly during busy travel seasons, so make sure to book your pet’s stay as soon as you can by calling Pet Medical Center of Edmond at 405-757-2132.