7 Must Follow “Aww-some” Animal Twitter Accounts

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk on a Monday morning with the beginning-of-the-week blues? We’ve all been there. The Monday blues are no joke! Would you believe us if we told you that if you take a few minutes out of your morning routine to look at pictures of cute animals, you could be more productive at work? A recent study by the University of Hiroshima in Japan found, those who looked at pictures of cute animals were able to perform better than those that didn’t. If that doesn’t convince you to schedule out your dose of morning “awww”, we don’t know what will. If you are one of the millions that check their Twitter feeds every morning, here are just a few of the best accounts to follow that will give you the warm and fuzzies.

1.) Emergency Kittens

Why follow: Obviously, baby kittens are an emergency.



2.) Dogs

Why follow: You can keep tabs on all of the unique lovable dogs around the world.



3.) Baby Animals

Why follow: We repeat, baby animals. What more could you want?!



4.) Dressed Up Animals

Why follow: You will get to meet the most dapper animals on the internet!



5.) Buzzfeed Animals

Why follow: They create hilarious round-ups that will brighten anyone’s morning.



6.) Hourly Ducklings

Why follow: These brightly colored chicks will keep you smiling all day long.



7.) BlogPaws Team

Why follow: You get to hear from knowledgeable pet bloggers and meet their pets.



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