Wellness Packages at Pet Medical Center of Edmond

One year in your pet’s life is equivalent to approximately seven human years. Many health problems or changes can occur in that amount of time! Our wellness packages were designed to consider all the possible health issues that could affect your pets throughout their lives.

Our kitten and puppy packages are tailored to what the little ones need in their first years, including vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and disease screenings. They also include several products, such as food, treats, and preventatives, to help your pet start out right.

Adult and senior pets’ needs vary based on their health, so we offer several different wellness packages for adult and senior dogs and cats. These packages all include an annual wellness exam, vaccination updates, disease screenings, and an extra exam to be used for any reason during the year. Based on your pet’s needs, additional screenings may be necessary, and we have packages to accommodate those pets, too.

Our packages promote preventative health care for your pets and are convenient and affordable for you. Pets are great at hiding signs of disease, so with these packages, we can find problems earlier and start treatment earlier.  We want your pets to have long and healthy lives!