Vet Assistant

Tina Williams is currently training as a vet assistant and working to complete her veterinary assistant certification. Simply put, Tina LOVES animals. She grew up with and cared for them her entire life. Back in Texas, she was raised with dogs, cats, and a pinto pony, and as a child she brought many strays home, and even admits to attempting to hide kittens in her bedroom closet.

Prior to her time with us, Tina volunteered for four years with Paws for Life Inc. at the Edmond Animal Shelter, where she served as a volunteer coordinator. While there, she co-created the Community Cat Coalition of Edmond which concentrates on caring for and decreasing the feral cat populations around the Edmond area. Speaking of felines, Tina is a proud pet owner of several rescue cats as well as a rescue dog named Mcduff.

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