Preparing for Emergencies When You Have Pets

Preparing for Emergencies When You Have Pets

As we all know, it’s currently tornado season, which means we must regularly take stock of our emergency kits and plan for any and all potential emergency situations. Here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe during a tornado.

Update identification. If you’ve recently moved, make sure your pets’ identifications match your current address in case they become frightened and run off.

Store supplies for them, too. Add pet food, extra water and a litter box and/or puppy pads to your emergency kit. It’s also a good idea to bring your pets’ crates into the shelter so they have somewhere safe and familiar to hide.

Pet-proof your shelter. Remove any items that could poison your pets if they ingested them, and close off small areas where your pets could get stuck.

Bring your pets inside. No matter what, even if your cats spend most of their time outdoors, you need to bring them inside your shelter with you if there is a tornado warning in place.

For more tips on protecting your pets during a tornado, contact Pet Medical Center of Edmond online or by calling 405-757-2132.