September 2012 Pet of the Month: Yoshimi Lantz


Hi! My name is Yoshimi. I’m a Shiba Inu and I’ve been with my mommy and daddy for almost a month now and I just love getting into trouble! My favorite things to do are: play with my dinosaur toy, “lose” my ball under the entertainment center so my humans can retrieve it, do the Shiba 500 around the house when I’m excited, tear up paper bags, bark at leaves blowing in the wind, eat bugs (cicadas are my favorite!) and dig holes in the back yard with my buddy Dax!! Life is ruff being a puppy, so I like to sleep on my favorite rug in front of the back door. Cuddling is for wimps. Someday, all of us Shibas will unite and take over the world!! That’s all for now. Must get back to trying to eat the house plants.
Love, Yoshimi.