September 2013 Pet of the Month: Timber & Eleanor Roosevelt Williams

timber and eleanor

Timber is a 7-year-old yellow lab that tolerates his 11-year-old miniature pincher “sister”. They are two of the sweetest dogs, you’d ever meet. Just know that Eleanor may be small, but she is in charge!

Both Timber and Eleanor Roosevelt are therapy dogs and enjoy going to work with their mom every day. They work really hard cuddling with her patients, making them smile and collecting treats from all the workers in moms building! Timber knows several tricks that he enjoys preforming and helps people to work on their self-esteem and confidence. They are amazing at their job and bring comfort and healing to many.

“Ellie”, as her friends call her, likes to fetch tennis balls and Timber prefers to fetch a Frisbee. They both enjoy going for walks, exploring the outdoors, sailing, and playing with other dogs (well, Timber likes other dogs…Eleanor is more of a loner). Timber loves to swim, but Eleanor watches from the shore and gets a little worried about her big brother until we put her in the water to swim and she just swims right back to shore. (not a fan)

We often get a lot of comments and giggles when walking these two together, as you can imagine…But they don’t seem to mind. They have a great time everywhere they go and bring a ton of joy and love to the blessed people that they call family!