July 2014 Pet of the Month: River


River was found on the steps of a local dog shelter where she was taken in by the magnificent staff there. Still a pup she was put up for adoption and was noticed by two wonderful girls, Hanna and Chloe.

Other families also took notice of this amazing dog so time was the essence to adopt this pup so full of life. After bringing her home a name was chosen as all the family pets were named with R and River became the best dog a family could ever hope for. River turns six years old this year and with the help of the Pet Medical Center of Edmond she’ll have a long healthy life.

River’s hobbies include watching for and chasing squirrels, chewing on her bone (antler) wearing her seatbelt at all times while riding in the car and watching the pendulum on our grandfather clock. River’s favorite sport teams are OU football and Texas Rangers baseball.