May 2012 Pet of the Month: Patchy Briggs

Patchy-BriggsPatchy Briggs: Patchy is so named because, as a tortoise-shell patterned cat, she has irregular patches of dark and light fur. She was born in fall, 1996, under the patio deck at the house where Mr. Briggs formerly lived.  Her mom was also the mother of Whitey, his late beloved friend, who was also a Pet of the Month.  So those two were half siblings.  Who their respective pops were, he has no idea.  They both came along with Mr. Briggs when he moved. Patchy is very shy, and doesn’t take well to company.  But she is always friendly with her owner, and purrs like a diesel truck when petted. There are sometimes scorpions in his basement.  If she sees one, she doesn’t bother to play with it, she just eats it!