October 2012 Pet of the Month: Kody & Gabby Healy


Hi, my name is Gabbi! I am a six year old Toy Yorkie. I know, I know… I’m cute! When I’m not curled up in a tiny ball sleeping, I enjoy cuddling with my mommy, chewing bones, and helping mommy clean the kitchen floor by finding every crumb there is. Despite my size, I definitely run the show in our house- Kody knows who’s boss!

Hey hey hey!! I’m Kody! I have TONS of energy. I like to do sooo many things, mainly fetching tennis balls and frizbees, playing tug-o-war, and running in circles around the house while mommy and daddy chase me. I wonder why they only do that when I have the remote? Oh, and harrassing Gabbi is fun, too! My favorite treats are Rawhide Rolls and frozen Kongs. Mmmmm… I better go talk daddy into giving me one right now.  See ya!