August 2010 Pet of the Month: JayJay

jayjayMy name is JayJay and I am the spoiled cat of Josh, Sarah, & Kila. I chose my owners about 3 years ago by climbing onto their shoulders at a PetsMart in Edmond. They couldn’t resist my charm and good nature. Unfortunately, I have never shown this loving and compassionate side to Dr. Hufnagel, Dr. Stratton, or any of the numerous people who have taken such excellent care of me at PMC…I save my most hideous behavior for my trips to the vet. At home I enjoy watching the wild rabbit through the glass door, knocking objects off tables and counter tops, playing with toy mice, and strings, and spending time laying on fresh laundry.

I require a lot of special care as I take pills twice a day, have fiber added to my special food, and eat canned pumpkin to help with my bathroom issues. I am extremely routine oriented and any change in my daily life results in litter box issues! I do try to make it especially hard for my owners to go out of town…this way I’m never alone. I owe my life to the dedicated vets at PMC and the surgery center. I’m so grateful they care for me even though I don’t treat them nicely!