December 2011 Pet of the Month: Holly Molly Sheffield

holly-molly-sheffieldI adopted Holly Molly through the SPCA of Texas after initially surrendering her as an injured stray. When we found her she was emaciated, covered in fleas, ticks, scars and several open wounds. Yet, despite all of that, she just seemed happy that someone was giving her attention. After hearing some of the SPCA surgeon’s theories on what may have happened to her, I completely broke down and starting sobbing. I couldn’t imagine anyone being so cruel to an animal.  At that moment I knew the only way to ensure that she wouldn’t be abused or neglected again was to adopt her myself. After a few surgeries (her tail had to be removed due to abuse that she had sustained) and heart worm treatment, her personality really started to come out. We had been using the name that the shelter issued her, Daisy, but after saying “holy moly” so many times in response to her silliness, I changed it to Holly Molly. She is an absolute cuddle monster and a provides so much comic relief in our lives.