September 2010 Pet of the Month: Gracie Tiernan

gracie tiernanIn loving memory of Gracie Tiernan

AKA Miss Gracie or Gracie Girl


Sometimes it is hard to put into words the impact of one of “God’s beautiful creatures” has on us, but here goes. Last night we lost ours and she definitely fits that category. Miss Gracie was a Pug and the moment we saw her it was love “at first sight.” She was a darling ball of fur. George and I lived in Norman when we got Gracie. We had a huge yard with an older fence, so we had to purchase a portable pen to keep her from getting out of the yard if no one was outside with her. I had never had such a small dog, so it took some time to get used to the “little ankle bracelet.” I don’t know how many times I almost stepped on her or she tripped me! She managed to grow and flourish (in spite of me). We moved to the country and Gracie got to run to her heart’s content in her first experience with snow.

The one word that did not describe Gracie is “dog.” She was a “little person in a fur coat.” There were times I wish she could have talked, when she would cock that head to the side and give you a look that reminded one of an impudent child. Gracie was George’s buddy. They took walks together, afternoon naps and of course, milkshakes. One evening George was having a milkshake and Gracie began making this funny noise. I looked down at her and when her lower jaw started quivering, I started laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. There was never a dull moment with Gracie around. Gracie loved people, she never met a stranger. She was one of the sweetest, funny, most trusting “dogs” on earth. Gracie loved riding in our electric car, and at least got to have a “last ride” Wednesday evening, standing on George’s lap with her little ears flapping in the breeze.
She got Rocky Mountain spotted fever about 4 years ago. It was a struggle getting her through the worst of it, but thanks to the devoted “Docs” and staff of PMC of Edmond (formerly, Westbrook) we got to have Gracie for several more years. (Special thanks to Jennifer, who has helped care for her since she was about 6 months old and had a special bond with Gracie)

Thank all of you again for the devotion and loving care you gave “Miss” Gracie.