December 2009 Pet of the month: Felix McCoy

felixMy name is Felix McCoy and I am the four-legged son of Bob and Betty McCoy.

I was born in Midwest City and for most of my two years there, I prowled the streets and was in the “pound” twice. I became very street smart and had absolutely no manners.

One day, I was attacked by the family pit bull and my owner took me to the veterinarian where I met Bob and Betty. She said she really did not want me and the McCoys offered to adopt me. Three days later after some surgery, I came to live with them on their thirty acres where I have lived for almost three years.

I am an excellent rider in the car and motor home. We were in an RV park one time and a little girl said I looked like I had on Maybelline mascara. My black eyes are my trademark.

Life is good. Now if they had only changed my name. I think I was probably named after Felix the cat because of my eyes.

I love my parents and they love me back because I turned out to be a very good boy. I will soon be five years old.