August 2011 Pet of the Month: Cinnamon Spice

cinnamon spiceBrown’s Cinnamon Spice Australian Shepherd was born about 7 oz on May 1st.  Two days later she was down to 5.5oz.  Off to see Dr. Pribil. After instruction to tube feed her and keep her on a hot pad under a heat lamp for several week. Her nickname became Turtle because of the beanie baby we put in her box to keep her company.  She would hide under the Turtle. Now at 7 weeks she is 8 pounds and almost as big as the other puppies in her litter.  She was the first in the litter to eat/drink out of a saucer. She loves to play outside in the water.  Hopefully one day she will be a great obedience dog.  Right now she is just into biting show strings and cuffs of your pants.  Thanks to the clinic for the fast reaction in getting her in and taken care of.