January 2015 Pet of the Month: Chloe


My husband and I got Chloe on our 1 year anniversary, and she is 10 months old now. I had a Yorkie for 17 years when I was growing up, and we picked Chloe out from the same breeder that I got my childhood dog from. She is the sweetest little puppy and loves to cuddle and be close to us. She loves to play fetch with her toys and steal our socks when we’re not looking. She gets very excited when we ask her if she wants to go outside, and her favorite thing to do is run all over the backyard and look for crunchy leaves. One of the funniest things she does is play with a piece of her food when she’s in a very playful mood. She’ll use her paw to scoop a piece out of her bowl, grab it with her mouth, swing her head to toss it across the floor, and then run and pounce on it. I think this entertains her more than her toys! She is the perfect balance between super playful and super sweet and snuggly!