January 2013 Pet of the Month: Bonky Deaton

bonky-deaton1Bonky was born to feral parents in the Red River Hog exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo. He and his 4 siblings came to our house to be fostered and then adopted out. Everyone found a new home except Bonky. He worked his way into our hearts and the rest is history. He is a curious little guy who likes to answer the house phone. He is not good at taking phone messages though, so we have to hide the phone from him. He is also very fond of the cell phone and iPod always trying to carry them off in his mouth. He tells on himself by making a specific cry right before he does something he knows he shouldn’t like jumping onto the kitchen counters. He has also figured out that if we don’t actually get up to get onto him he can continue being naughty, but if we get up he better stop and put on his super cute face. He loves to play fetch, has a special blanket he sleeps with, and loves to be held like a baby. To sum it all up he is completely bonkers, but we love him to the moon and back.