November 2015 Pet of the Month: Binx



Binx was adopted approximately 2 years ago after I lost my 14 yr old tortie Bailey to intestinal cancer. Binx is the most well behaved and gentle male cat I have ever been around. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter giving kisses and never tries to hurt anyone. When we introduced him to our newly adopted Siamese kitten, Bleu, he took to her within about 30 min. He began bathing her and he followed her around the house. The two of them have been nearly inseparable since. They love to snuggle in one cat bed even though we have several.

Binx has been having some difficulty with his teeth and his left eye for almost one year and after no answers or suggestions  from our “feline specialist”, I brought him to Pet Medical Center. He saw Dr Harmon who immediately suspected Bartonella. Since Binx was a rescue and I adopted him at 6 months old I didn’t have his full history (did he have fleas?). I didn’t want to believe it could be Bartonella since he had been suffering so long and I had taken him in countless times to our previous vet. However…Dr Harmon was 100% correct and she is our hero! Binx has now has dental surgery and is being treated with antibiotics. His fur is looking beautiful, his eye is no longer draining, & he is feeling great. His sweet disposition is even sweeter now.

He is quite the show-off. He loves to play fetch! Furry toy mice are his favorite toys to retrieve. He also likes to sit on our patio when we are outside but he doesn’t really stray far. He loves to be around people and his new “sister” Bleu. His full name is Thackery Binx from a Halloween Favorite Hocus Pocus.