January 2016 Pet of the Month: Fletcher


“Fletcher T. Long Tail Handsome Cat is a 4-year-old, green-eyed rescue from Pets & People in Yukon.  He has made his home with Fred Lewis in Oklahoma City since they adopted each other last May.  Fletcher has more toys than most toddlers have.  He sometimes plays so hard with his Turbo Scratcher (ball in a ring) that he turns it upside down and has to persuade “dear ol’ Dad” to upright it again so the frenzy can continue.  He is a champion at playing String, but also enjoys a good round of Hide and Sleep as well as some “lap time” most every evening.  Fletcher has an “air” of royalty and once in awhile needs to be reminded that he is not the King of the Castle, he’s just the Prince.  And, oh yes, Fletcher is also the bestest cat in the world!”