June 2012 Pet of the Month: Anna Maria Moon


Hello, my name is Anna Maria Moon and I live in Coffee Creek with my parents Jon and Theresa Moon.  I am some what all grown up now, I’m 18 months old.  But according to my dad he sometimes thinks I’m still a baby because he is always talking to me in baby talk, you know what I mean.  But, my favorite Vet Dr. Hufnagle thinks I’m all grown up.  At least that’s what he tells me when I get to see him which is sometime often.  He tells me I’m a big girl with a little liver problem.  He also tells me that I do not look like a girl with a health problem.  That’s because my mother gives me the right goodies I need so I won’t get sick.  My parents really do take good care of me.  They even take me to Lowes so I can intermingle with everyone at the store, that’s a lot of fun.  I love to play with my ball, I can now roll it all over the house and when I accidently roll it under the china hutch dad really gets upset with me because he has to get under the hutch and get it for me.  He’s an old guy and has a hard time getting down to the floor.  Oh well he’ll get over it.  I hope you enjoy my picture above because I’m a real ham……Good bye for now.  Miss Anna.