How to Make Your Pet Instagram Famous


1. Post consistently.

Instagram accounts with large followings have one thing in common: they post on a regular schedule. Usually it’s fairly often, like once a day or five times a week, but whatever schedule you choose, stick to it! People like to know what to expect, and your followers (or your pets) will want to check in on a regular basis. That’s one of the ways Tuna of @tunameltsmyheart earned his million-strong following. The chiweenie shows up every day, rain or shine, happy or sad, usually with a picture that features his adorable overbite. His owner varies the look, from putting art in the photo with him to cuddling on-screen.

2. Videos work, too.

Most people forget that Instagram has video capability, but this is one of its best features! Nothing warms your heart on a fall day like seeing a little dog all bundled up against the cold, or a vigorous athlete making 720-degree leaps in pursuit of a tennis ball. So break out your phone’s video function and get crackin’!

3. Have a schtick.

Even if you don’t focus on a single animal, or if your Instagram account is also dedicated to your family/work/whatever, you should still try and stick to a general theme. Grumpy Cat, who has almost a half million followers and has inspired countless spinoff attempts, gladly shares his Instagram account with other grumpy-faced felines, but he’s still the star of the show. The reason for this account’s success is that whether the day’s post features Grumpy Cat or not, you can count on one thing: You’re going to see a, well, grumpy cat.

If your account is dedicated solely to your pet’s antics, make sure to give them a hashtag of their own so people can follow it.

4. Remember the holidays.

People go bananas for the holidays, whether you’re jamming your Labrador into a Cowardly Lion costume or tying a beribboned Easter bonnet onto your Calico. Plan ahead for upcoming festivities by buying costumes or accents (reindeer antlers, anyone?) ahead of time and orchestrating a little photo shoot. Then you can have your images at the ready when the holidays arrive. If you’re a purist, you can always tell the truth by adding #latergram, which lets people know that you didn’t snap the pic that exact second.

See how easy it is to put a little thought into a pet-centric Instagram profile? Before you know it, people will be flocking to your account to follow your furry friend’s shenanigans.