The Endless Benefits of Adopting a Cat

The ASPCA reports that around 3.4 million cats are taken into animal shelters each year, with only about a third of them ending up adopted. The ASPCA also reveals that cats have taken the lead in the pet popularity poll – so if you’ve been longing for a fuzzy companion, consider giving a shelter cat a second chance and a home. Not only is it good karma, but adopting an adult cat will bring abundant blessings for many years.

cat couch

Natural-Born Teachers

Cats are wise and, being the benevolent creatures they are, they’re happy to teach you what they know. Why else would library and bookstore shelves be stocked with numerous versions of “Everything I Need to Know About [insert: a myriad of topics, ranging from life to the stock market] I Learned from My Cat”? A few examples of insight you can gain from kitties include:

  • Anything can be fun and any object turned into a toy
  • Nap whenever you feel like it, wherever you happen to be
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff — heck, don’t even sweat the big stuff
  • You don’t always have to answer when you’re called
  • Indulge in your divinity
  • Do as you please without worrying what anyone else will think

Ideal Purr-sonal Trainers   

Adopting a cat means you can give up paying that expensive personal trainer. Your newfound friend will be happy to earn his room and board by supervising all your at-home workouts. Lie down on the floor to perform a few sets of crunches and Ziggy will hop onto your chest to “spot” you. Do some jumping jacks and his tail will flick in perfect cadence to help you keep count. He’ll even join in and exercise with you if you tie a length of yarn to your wrist for him to jump for and chase while you’re doing aerobics. Your cat will make sure you don’t overdo it, too, putting an end to your workout by loudly and insistently reminding you it’s time to feed him.

Blessed Enablers

Cats give you the excuses you need at the crucial moments, and they don’t mind doing it. Toonces doesn’t judge, so you can indulge in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s anytime you want — although you should be prepared to share with him. The cat doesn’t have to win every time, meaning you won’t have to cheat at Scrabble – but then again, he wouldn’t know or care if you did. Your cat doesn’t demand that you keep house perfectly clean, meaning you can let the vacuuming and dusting go another day. Besides, he’ll just put another layer of fur on the carpets and upholstery anyway. Your kitty is even capable of getting you out of social situations you’d rather avoid, such as a blind date or your neighbor’s daughter’s dance recital. “I’m sorry. I’d love to go, but my cat isn’t feeling well.”

Cats Are Good for Your Health

All tomcat-foolery aside, living with a cat is good for your health. Web MD cites a 20-year study that revealed that 40 percent of people who never had a cat were more likely to die of a heart attack. Other healthful reasons to opt for a pet cat include their natural mood enhancing abilities, petting a cat lowers your blood pressure and cat owners have stronger immune systems.. Not bad for an animal that appears to nap all day!