Frozen Felines & Pup-cicles: Winter Safety Tips

Looks like this winter isn’t going to pull any punches—so here are a few suggestions for keeping your animal companions healthy and happy during the icy months to come.

  • Keep fur trimmed. While you don’t want to shave long-haired dogs, you do want to keep the coat and paws trimmed to minimize clinging ice balls, de-icing chemicals, and salt crystals.
  • Dry off after being outside. Remove ice, moisture, salt, and chemicals from your pet with a towel after every walk or outdoor excursion. Try protecting your pet’s paws and pads with a thin coating of petroleum jelly before heading out.
  • Beware antifreeze. Like coolant, antifreeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be sure to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle, and consider using products that contain propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol.
  • Don’t leave pets in cars! Just as vehicles can quickly become ovens in summer, they can also become refrigerators in very cold weather, and pets can freeze to death inside.
 If you have any further questions or need assistance preparing your pet for winter, give us a call at 405-757-2132.
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Meet Sir Edmond Bones

PMCE recently adopted an awesome new dog statue to guard the front of our hospital, and we’ve been inundated with great ideas for what to name him. The choices have been narrowed down to three top contenders:

1. Sir Edmond Bones
2. PMC Pete
3. Indiana Bones

Now we need your help to decide! Go to the PMCE Facebook page and comment on the post there. The person who suggested the winning name gets a $50 hospital credit or gift card, and the runners-up get a $25 credit or gift card!

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Holiday Tips

You better watch out! There’s lots of fun to be had during Christmas, but also quite a few hazards for your pet. Here are a few safety tips to keep your pet jolly this season.
Keep chocolate and sweets out of reach. The darker the chocolate, the higher the concentrations of caffeine and theobromine, two substances that are extremely toxic to pets.

Curb the table scraps. Gravy and any fatty meats like turkey skin and ham can be hard for animals to digest and even cause pancreatitis.

Christmas tree cautions. For many cats, the Christmas tree is an endless source of fun…and danger. If you have resident felines, consider tying your tree to a stationary object with fishing line to keep it from tipping.

Mistletoe and other poisons. Nice for getting a kiss, mistletoe is nevertheless dangerous for pets.

The ASPCA Poison Control Line is also handy: 1-888-426-4435 (a fee may apply). They maintain a current list of substances that are hazardous to pets.
Have more questions about preparing your pet for Christmas? Call us at 405-757-2132.

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National Veterinary Technician’s Week is Oct 15 – 21

At Pet Medical Center of Edmond, we believe that your pet deserves the best in care. That’s why we’re so proud of the veterinary professionals on our staff and want to celebrate them during National Veterinary Technicians Week!

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America created this week of recognition, and we’re joining them by highlighting the members of our staff who are Certified or Registered Veterinary Technicians, and two others who are on their way to becoming credentialed. Through their hard and absolutely essential work alongside our veterinarians and office staff, they play a vital role in preserving animal health and welfare.

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From Vet Assistant to Cowgirl

PMC of Edmond had to say goodbye to one our own last month—but we were happy to do it!

Our Veterinary Assistant, Megan, was accepted by the respected Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine this summer and plans to start classes this month. Megan is a passionate advocate for animals and rescues Great Danes and other giant breeds. She’s also a fan of exotics and in addition to four dogs, her family includes a Bearded Dragon and an African Sulcata tortoise.

Congratulations, Megan—we know you’re going to make an outstanding veterinarian!

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Watch Dr. Hufnagel perform live surgery at the Oklahoma State Fair

State Fair

If you’re heading to the Oklahoma State Fair on Sunday, September 17th, make sure to drop by the Barnyard Birthing Center where PMC of Edmond’s Dr. Richard Hufnagel will be performing live spays, with an assist from our technicians. Other participating veterinarians will explain the surgical process along the way and answer your questions.

Learn more about the State Fair’s Surgical Suite here. We’ll see you there!

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Don’t leave pets in the car when it’s warm!

Our pets struggle to keep cool during the hot summer months, and overheating can cause serious health issues. For example, heat stroke can lead to organ failure or even death if it’s not treated quickly. Don’t ever leave your pet in the car on a warm day! Vehicle interiors heat up incredibly quickly.

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Check that microchip!

Pets are more likely to become lost in the summer since they spend more time outside and in unfamiliar areas. Microchip implants can help reunite lost pets with their owners, so Pet Medical Center of Edmond recommends having your pet microchipped. Not only are microchips effective, they’re permanent, too. You’ll never have to worry about your pet’s microchip falling off, like you do with a collar.

When your pet is brought to a veterinarian or animal shelter or found by animal control, authorities only need to scan the chip to pull up your contact information and let you know that your pet has been found. If your pet is already microchipped, now is a good time to check your pet’s chip and make sure your contact information is up to date.

Pet Medical Center of Edmond believes microchipping is the safest, most effective method of pet identification available, as it helps reunite more than 15,000 lost pets with their owners every month.

You can schedule an appointment to get your pet microchipped online or by calling us at 405-757-2132.

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Going on vacation this summer?

Is your pet going with you?
No matter where you’ll be this summer, there will be health hazards threatening your pet. Prepare for a fun (and safe!) trip with your pet with these safety tips.

Prevent overheating and burning. It’s hard for our pets to cool off, and overheating can lead to heat stroke and other serious health complications. Always provide your pet with plenty of fresh water, and never leave your pet alone in a car on a warm day. Also, beware hot pavement, as it can burn paws!

Check for ticks. Tick preventive medications significantly lower your pet’s risk of getting the diseases ticks pass along. We recommend Bravecto, as it protects against ticks and fleas effectively for 12 weeks.

Keep tackle boxes locked up. Those shiny lures don’t just attract fish! Every year, we see a few pets that have gotten into fishing tackle and swallowed hooks. Always keep all tackle in cases that can be sealed.

Is your pet staying home?
Your cats and dogs can stay with us while you’re away! Our comfortable boarding facilities are perfect for pets that need a home away from home while you’re resting on vacation.

Please note that all boarding pets must have current vaccines. Read about our requirements here.

Our boarding spaces fill up quickly during busy travel seasons, so make sure to book your pet’s stay as soon as you can by calling Pet Medical Center of Edmond at 405-757-2132.

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Easter Safety Tips

While they’re sure signs that Easter is on its way, fresh flowers and baskets full of pastel-colored candy also represent potential health risks for your pets! As you’re making your home festive for the holiday, make sure you keep these Easter-related treats and decorations away from your pets.

  • Lilies. Lilies can cause fatal kidney failure when cats ingest any part of them, even just the pollen! Either keep them up high away from nosy paws or keep them out of your house entirely.
  • Chocolate. The darker the chocolate is, the more poisonous it is to your pets, but they shouldn’t have access to any kind of chocolate. So hide those chocolate bunnies!
  • Plastic grass. If your Easter baskets are filled with bright green plastic grass, keep the baskets out of your pets’ sight so they aren’t tempted to chew (and potentially choke) on the fake grass. It looks real to them, but it can cause severe intestinal blockages.
  • Plastic eggs. Don’t forget where you hide your eggs! Pets could choke on shattered bits of plastic eggs or break them open and eat the candy inside.

If your pet ever ingests these substances or any other toxic items, call Pet Medical Center of Edmond at (405) 757-2132.

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Fighting Seasonal Allergies

As many of us know, allergies are no fun. But allergy season doesn’t just affect us—it can affect our pets, too. Grass, dust and other environmental allergens are significantly more present this time of year, and our pets can be allergic to them, too.

If your pet has environmental allergies, your veterinarian may suggest allergy medication. But don’t give your pet any medicine unless you’ve been instructed by your veterinarian to do so. Frequent baths can help remove allergens from your pet’s coat, and wiping his feet before he comes inside can keep him from tracking allergens indoors. You should also vacuum and dust your home regularly to keep it allergen-free.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, call Pet Medical Center of Edmond at (405) 757-2132 to schedule an appointment.

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Find Us on Nextdoor!

Nextdoor is a fantastic social media platform that allows users to communicate with their neighbors about community events, and it allows you to recommend local businesses, too.

Do you use Nextdoor? Check out our business page! We would really appreciate it if you recommended our hospital.

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

This month is National Pet Dental Health Month, which was started to remind pet owners how important it is to keep our pets’ teeth clean and healthy.

Periodontal disease affects over 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats by age three. Not only does it cause pain and smelly breath, bacteria from the mouth can also spread and cause heart, kidney and liver disease. But it’s entirely preventable with dental cleanings and routine brushings at home!

Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month by scheduling a dental cleaning for your pet at Pet Medical Center of Edmond by calling (405) 757-2132.

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How to Protect Pets During Harsh Winter Weather

While you bundle up and brace yourself for the cold, don’t forget that your pets are affected by wintry weather, too! Keep these tips in mind this winter:

Keep pets inside, if possible. If your pet has been spending a lot of time outside and has blisters or waxy, firm skin, take them to the vet, as these are signs of frostbite. It’s best to leave pets inside as much as you can.

Don’t cut your pet’s hair short in the wintertime. Hair is a pet’s best defense against the cold. If your pet has short hair, you may even want to consider investing in a cozy jacket.

Clean up antifreeze immediately. Antifreeze is extremely deadly to both dogs and cats, but it tastes sweet to them, so they love it. If your pet is acting strangely after being around your car, get them to the vet immediately.

Drop a few extra kibbles in your pet’s bowl. The body works harder to try and keep its temperature up when it’s cold out. As a result, your furry friend might be a little hungrier than usual. You can give them a little extra food, but make sure they always have access to enough clean water, too.

Do not leave your pet in the car. Cars can cool down extremely fast, and when they do, they trap cold air inside. If it’s too cold to leave pets outside, it’s too cold to leave them in the car.

If you need any help with your pet’s care this winter, call Pet Medical Center of Edmond at (405) 757-2132.

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Protect Your Pets from Holiday Hazards

Most of our clients succeed in keeping their pets safe over the holidays. We do see a few incidents of chocolate consumption and foreign body ingestions, however. Hopefully all of your pets will have a very happy holiday season and won’t incur any unexpected expenses.

Keep these safety tips in mind to protect your pets this winter:

  1. Consider leaving the tinsel off your tree if you have a cat.
  2. Secure your Christmas tree to keep it from falling over if your dog bumps it or your cat climbs it; hanging lemon-scented car air fresheners in the tree may deter your cat from scaling it.
  3. Keep holiday plants (especially holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies) out of pets’ reach; they are highly toxic to animals.
  4. Certain holiday decorations can also be dangerous. Lights and glass ornaments contain toxic chemicals that cause internal irritation and bleeding. Owners should avoid placing decorations where their pets can chew on or eat them.
  5. Do not let your pets consume treats containing chocolate, xylitol, grapes/raisins, onions, currants, macadamia nuts or walnuts. Ingesting them can result in upset stomachs, heart arrhythmia, kidney failure and seizures.
  6. Keep an eye out for loose electrical cords. Pets may chew through the rubber coating, causing electrocution or burns.
  7. Don’t leave your pet alone in a room with lit candles.
  8. If your pet is excitable or scared when you have company, consider providing a safe place for your pet to escape the excitement, such as a separate room, kennel, crate, perching place, scratching post shelf or hiding place.
  9. Watch those alcoholic drinks! Unattended drinks may result in a dangerously drunk pet. It doesn’t take much for small animals to get alcohol poisoning.
  10. Don’t forget that your dog or cat might like to mark the Christmas tree or other floor decorations.

Please contact Pet Medical Center of Edmond at 405-757-2132 for more information on how to keep your pets safe this holiday season!

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